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Intrinsic elements of Prose

Intrinsic element of prose consists of plot, theme, characters and characterizations, background / setting, point of view, style, imagery, and the trustee. Plot is a plot or series of events in the story structure is conceived as a functional interrelation which also marks the order of whole passages in fiction, that generally consist of fiction storyline
  1. open groove, which is the situation unfolds as an initial condition that will continue with the next condition. 
  2. middle path, namely the condition began to move toward the start peaking conditions. 
  3. Chronology of the peak, which reached its peak condition as the climax of events. 
  4. closed groove
In other words, the plot involves exposure to, conflict, climax and resolution. The eight elements complement each other in prose. Themes, such as a central story that inspires. So is the characterizations that draw on the character of the characters to convey the desired message the author, both evil and good. In order for these characterizations seem more alive, supported by background / setting the story, style, imagery and message. 

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